Overhaul in progress

Hey! I'm CptnSImdecision and you've found your way to my simming livejournal. Sorry things are a bit of a mess at the moment. I had basically left this account for dead until two months ago when I started trying to fix it up. I'm currently working on getting links for my other sim downloads in the sticky as well as working on update 1.2 of my Gramble Legacy.

I'll try to reply to any commenst left on this journal but life sometimes gets in the way. Fret not, I am not ignoring you. That would be rude.

And finally, please feel free to download my sims and use them as you like in your own game but please give me credit where credit is due. 

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Family Tree + Downloads

The Gramble Legacy has been restarted (because my computer died the first time I tried this legacy) and I have deleted all the old Gramble posts. If there is a download available click on the portrait of the sim you want and it will lead you to where you want to go.

Founder: Pike Gramble
LTW: Become Master Thief
Traits: Family Oriented
Animal Lover
Favorites: Electronica
Mac N' Cheese

Drio Embassy

Drio was made for pixel_trade 's The Person Below Me: Alien Edition.
Her brief was written by iolesims:

The person below me will make a red-skinned sim with brightly colored hair. She/he has a thin face, sharp features, but is incredibly sweet despite her/his menacing appearance. Scars optional.

Okay so she isn't menacing in the sense that Drio will beat the crap out of you. I was more going for an intimidating high ranking alien ambassador.

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Vince Regis

Vince Regis
I think he's rather handsome... I wish people like this lived in my neighborhood.

He's my November 2010 submission to the Pixel Trade Founder Collection. I see a lot of interesting looking males but not necessarily smooth and sexy looking. I hope that Vince will help remedy that.

He won't be for download until he is shown in the next founder post.

Alright so he super late. I'm sorry. It wasn't completely my fault. I wanted to wait until the November Pixel Trade submission went up but those are two months late so I'm just going to go ahead and post the link now... on the 13th of January 2011 at 4:07 in the morning.

I really lack initiative. Wow.


Oh, just a head's up. All the sims for Pixel Trade's founder submissions from November to January are up. It was posted on January 14th.